Pepto bismol ingredients

Check before buying pepto bismol

Pepto bismol ingredientsPepto bismol ingredients are salicylate which is closed relative of salicylic acid. Actually pepto bismol is the product which is in plenty of homes. Pepto bismol is generally availed by the people to treat stomach problems. It has two ingredients which help in acne known as benzoic and salicylate acid. Salicylic acid is good to treat acne. it assists to decrease inflammation, that will aid lowers redness from acne. Pepto bismol has another ingredient called as benzoic acid that is an antifungal. It shows it can remove the bacteria which cause pimples. Ingredient salicylic acid is a comedolytic and exfoliant. This acid performs to loosen and to get rid of micro comedones and comedones. This acid also contains an inflammatory feature to ease inflamed areas redness. Most of the people with acne contain red, inflamed pustules.Thsi main ingredient can assist lowers the inflammation and redness. This ingredient which is in the pepto bismol product can assist to decrease the swelling and redness.

Both salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide are not interchangeable, contains two various purposes. The second ingredient is an antibacterial agent, performs to seek out P. acne bacteria which are in the follicles. This kind of acnes bacteria dwell in the follicle cause inflammation in the affected parts. Both these ingredients are lipid soluble that shows they can get in to the oil and perform their duties in fighting against acne. These ingredients get in to the follicle and perform their task to fight against bacteria and help to loosen the comedones. If the comedones are loose, they can be able to exist giving a clear skin. Therefore if you contain inflamed, red skin or pimples, then look for using benzyl peroxide. If you contain comedones or blackheads then you need to consider salicylic acid to loosen the blackheads and avoid blackheads in the future days. This product is good for treating effectively some signs like heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, stomach ache and other uneasiness stomachaches. It is safe to use this product with some exceptions in few circumstances. This product contains bismuth subsalicylate like a primary ingredient that is responsible for the pink color. Giving this to your kids should be avoided when your kid is recovering from flu or chicken pox.

Other two factors which say whether it is safe to provide your kids are your kid’s age and which kind you are looking to give. The regular one seems to work well some stomach upsets, but the advantages of solving these small issues do not give complete satisfaction because it is connected to the high life threatening problem of Reye syndrome. Fortunately, FDA accepts this truth and only let this product to be found in the market only with the instruction on the label saying it can be used by the kids above the age of 12. Certain doctors are not recommending this product even for the teenagers. Another alternative for this is pepto chewable tablets, particularly effective for the kids. It aids to get rid of acid indigestion, stomachs upsets, heartburn etc. Here the primary ingredient is calcium carbonate and this is not connecter with Reye syndrome. So check pepto bismol ingredient before buying it.